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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that you feel that one of our yoga holidays is right for you but we understand that you might have questions. Chances are our FAQ can help you out! And if you don’t find the answer here, then please give Pia Lobry, our agent in Denmark a call. We're a small company and we pride ourselves on our personal service. However, do check out our FAQs first to see if your question is already answered!

Class information

How does the programme operate?

The Healthy Option Programme operates primarily Monday to Friday, the classes begin with introductory classes for Pilates and yoga on Monday and then progress through the week - you are welcome to drop in and out as you like but we do recommend you attend the introductory classes to enable you to get the most from your week. The introductory classes also give you the opportunity to find the level you feel will suit you best.

Several mixed level classes are offered on Saturdays & Sundays. This enables clients who arrive on Saturdays to be included in the classes and for those leaving on Sundays to take Saturday as a day off to explore the Island or relax by the pool if they wish, or to continue being active in our classes until the moment they leave!

A sample schedule of the weekly classes and activities can be found here but please note it is subject to change for operational reasons.

I'm pregnant but want to join in as much as I can in the other classes, what do you recommend?

We do not recommend you undertake any of our fitness activities where there may be a risk of falls, impact or overheating at any stage in your pregnancy.

If you are new to fitness or Pilates and in the first trimester then we recommend you avoid any activity that is strenuous or causes you to overheat, including Pilates. Please check with an instructor to confirm the activity you wish to attend is suitable. Generally hydro-fit (with a few modifications) should be ok if your pregnancy is uncomplicated.

If you have a regular training routine / are used to exercising and have an uncomplicated pregnancy it may be suitable for you to join one of our other classes in the first trimester but please speak to one of our instructors first.

Second Trimester plus; we would suggest speaking to an instructor first for specific advice, however generally we would recommend the following:

If you are new to exercise or Pilates the beginner level classes may be suitable as may some of the fitness classes but without the use of weights. We would not recommend the run circuits.

If you have a regular exercise regimen then the other classes and the improver level Pilates may be suitable with modifications, please see the instructor for further advice.

I have an injury/illness but wish to join in with what I can, will you allow that?

The health and safety of all our clients is of paramount importance. In order to assist us in assessing the fitness of our clients to participate in the sporting or healthy options activities, it is a condition of booking that our clients advise us of any pre-existing medical or other condition, or other circumstances, such as taking medication, that allows us to consider any additional health and safety precautions in relevant cases.

If any such conditions or circumstances apply and you have not already done so, please inform our office as soon as possible. Please also advise either our representative or yoga/Pilates/fitness teacher prior to commencing your Healthy Options activities.

Further we recommend that you please get written clearance (where possible) from your GP or healthcare provider before you travel as to what you should be able to attend and what should be avoided.

At the welcome meeting we recommend you then speak to the instructors relevant to the classes you wish to attend to ensure they are aware of your injury/illness and are then able to offer you individualized advice as to what may or may not be suitable in your current condition.

The schedule looks busy, when do I get chance to eat?

We don't expect you to do everything on the schedule every day, if you did you'd need another week off to recover afterwards, and we want you to leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated not exhausted!

The schedule has been designed for you to choose what you prefer to do each day and then structure your day around it, making sure you take time to eat well and stay hydrated along the way.

We do however recommend you do not eat anything for a minimum of 1 hour before any of the classes and avoid large meals for at least 2 hours before classes. Please bring water with you to class to stay hydrated.

If you are planning to do most classes every day we recommend you bring some high energy, easily digestible snacks with you to have between workouts.

What levels are offered for the fitness and Pilates classes?

Pilates Beginner level classes are suitable for those who have never done Pilates before or have been away from this form of exercise for some time.

Improver level classes are for those who have a regular Pilates practice or have done a beginners course and already are familiar with the fundamentals.

Body Sculpt

Suitable for all levels; classified as a light-medium intensity class. Modifications are given for those who are new to exercise or for those that want to push their fitness increased intensity options are also given.

Swiss Ball

Suitable for all levels; classified as a light-medium intensity class.


Suitable for all levels; classified as a medium-high intensity class

Run Circuits

Suitable for those with reasonable fitness; classified as a high intensity class

Power Walks

Suitable for all levels; classified as a light-medium intensity class


Suitable for everyone - even non swimmers; classified as a light-medium intensity class

Please note however that this is only offered from late May to early September due to the pool being unheated.

What Clothing do you recommend for yoga?

For all our yoga classes we recommend you wear loose comfortable clothing and are barefoot, (bikinis or revealing clothing are not ideal for yoga). We would also recommend you bring something warm to cover you for the meditation and relaxation periods of the classes.

What clothing do you recommend for the other activities offered on the programme?

We recommend you take a pair of rubber shoes to protect your feet; the beach is pebble and it makes it lots easier to get in and out of the water with shoes.

For the Stand-up paddle boarding, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking or aqua safaris we recommend that as well as the rubber shoes, you wear a swimsuit or bikini and have a pair of shorts you can move around easily in that you don't mind getting wet! And a t-shirt or preferably rash vest, as this will give you protection from the sun.

For the hydro-fit we recommend you wear a swimsuit or bikini that is well supported as you will be in waist high water and moving around vigorously at times!

For the walks we recommend having a small back pack to carry your water, snacks, sun-cream, mosquito repellant, towel and camera. We also recommend you have well-fitting shoes, not flip flops, a sun hat and sunglasses.

If you are going on a bike ride you will need shoes (not flip flops) and we will supply you with helmets.

What Clothing do you recommend for the fitness & Pilates classes?

For all our fitness classes we recommend you wear comfortable clothing that allows the skin to breathe and dries quickly. All our fitness classes will require trainers, please ensure you bring these with you otherwise you may not be permitted to attend our fitness classes due to the risk of injury.

Pilates requires you to be barefoot and to wear a well-fitting top so the instructor can easily see that you are following the exercises correctly, legging or Lycra shorts are recommended for the lower half of the body.

Do I need to bring any Mats or Equipment with me for any of the classes?

You will be given a yoga mat towel at your first class which is yours to use for the week (it is washed weekly). We also have meditation cushions, blocks and belts available for your use. There are also a limited number of bolsters and yoga chairs available for those requiring further modifications of asanas. The only items you may wish to bring for yoga are an eye bag and shawl for the relaxation.

For all the other classes all necessary equipment is provided, however we recommend bringing your own sweat towel for the fitness classes and if you wish to monitor your heart rate in the cardio classes please bring your own monitor with you - we do not provide this facility at present. If you are joining in any run circuits we recommend you bring a sun visor too, though this is not essential.

There are so many yoga styles which class should I choose?

To help you decide which class may be best for you we have put together an overview of the different styles we currently offer. If you have specific injuries or limitations we are confident that the Satyananda yoga class or yoga nidra class will still be suitable, however please speak to one of our instructors when you arrive to confirm.

Satyananda Yoga

Suitable for all levels of student from complete beginners to the more experienced. The focus of this class is on integrating the mind body and breath. The class begins with a short meditation to centre the mind and connect to the body, this is then followed by very gentle joint freeing mobilisations, after these movements simple asanas (postures) are explored, these are suitable for any level of student and modifications are given for those with injuries, illnesses or mobility issues. The class completes with some simple pranayama (breath control techniques) and a guided meditation.

This form of yoga is suitable for anyone and can be adapted to be done in a chair if required. It is non dynamic and gentle with more emphasis on meditation and breath control than the stretching of the body.

Yoga Nidra

Suitable for all levels.

This is the session where you get to relax to the max! Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep, and although falling asleep is not the aim you do lie down for half an hour and follow a guided meditation. This is a great way to unwind at the end of the day and refresh the body and mind.

Hatha Yoga

Suitable for beginner level students.

This is a non-flowing class that focuses on simple beginner level postures, the alignment of the postures is explained in more detail and the postures are held for longer than those in the flow classes so you can begin to connect to and feel what is happening in the body. Posture, flexibility, strength and stamina are also improved. This class is also excellent for improver level students that wish to examine their technique in greater detail.

Modified Primary Yoga

Suitable for beginner/beginner plus level students.

This is a dynamic form of yoga is based on the astanga vinyassa yoga system. The emphasis is on flowing from posture to posture with the breath with less time being spent in each posture. However in this version a little more description of correct alignment is given, further the sequencing and the postures are modified to suit the Western body and mind. This sequence focuses on re-aligning the musculo-skeletal system and includes more standing postures and forward bends.

May not be suitable for pregnancy if you have never done yoga before or have not practiced for a long time.

Hatha Flow/Vinyassa Flow Yoga

Suitable for Improver level students.

This is a much more dynamic flowing form of yoga. The postures are held for less time with less emphasis on alignment and more emphasis on flowing from posture to posture with the breath. This sequence focuses on hip opening and includes inversions and backbends.

May not be suitable for some injuries, pregnancy or complete beginner level students.

Technique Classes

These classes are an opportunity to explore the postures you have been working with throughout the week in more detail. We will explain the alignment of some postures in more detail, look at modifications as required and discuss how to place postures when building your own sequences at home, giving you ideas on what to include for practices of different lengths and focuses.

Flights and travel

How far is the hotel from the airport?

Your hotel and the [gv:brandName] centre is approximately 75 minutes from the airport. Please discuss your preferred means of transfer with your agent who can organize a taxi transfer or a hire car for the duration of your stay.

Is a visa required?

At the time of issue holders of UK Passports or European Community Members do not require a visa to visit Greece. Please check that your passport is still in date and valid for the duration of your holiday - there should be at least 3 months validity remaining from the date of return from holiday. Although this regulation is not necessarily enforced for travellers with less than 3 months validity, the arbiters are the check in and boarding staff of the airlines (who are responsible for any passengers refused entry into the country of arrival for passport irregularities or any other reasons). On the day of travel, if the airline staff refuse check in or boarding to anyone with less than 3 months passport validity, we are advised by the airlines we use that they are within their rights to do so. In such circumstances we will not be able to make any refund for lost holiday time, nor cover any additional costs incurred for new travel arrangements and our normal cancellation terms will apply if anyone is forced to cancel their holiday. Holders of non-uk/non-eu passports should check with the Greek embassy/consulate in case a full visa is required.

Are any Vaccinations required for Greece?

At the time of issue, no compulsory vaccinations were required for British Citizens but please check with your medical practitioner well in advance of travel for recommended inoculations.

How much luggage can I take?

Airlines are getting much stricter with luggage allowances, both for hold and cabin baggage. There are also various restrictions in place due to airport security in respect of items that can be taken through security check in at airports, particularly in respect of liquids. Clients wishing to take personal equipment/sports clothing such as wetsuits etc. please note that airlines flying to Prevesa will usually charge for excess baggage above the normal baggage allowance of 20 kgs per person. Excess baggage charges are payable at check-in.


What is included?

We do not provide any food or drink throughout your stay. This enables you to be completely flexible in choosing where, when and what to eat.

Please note that no food or drink offered at the social functions i.e. the Greek night, the BBQ night, the welcome meal, the curry and cocktail night or the farewell meal is included in your package - you may either opt out of the food and join in the entertainment only at no charge or enjoy the food offered and either pay directly or add this cost to your room bill - to be paid before departure.

Meals & drinks.

There are three small bar/restaurants on site, which are open all day from breakfast until early evening. They will normally allow our guests to run a tab against their room number (whichever accommodation you stay in), and you can run a tab at either or both, which can be paid at the end of the holiday either in cash or by credit card. During early evenings the on site bar/restaurants offer a variety of dinner options or a short stroll into Vassiliki village offers plenty of restaurants and tavernas, cafes and bars for evening meals and social gatherings. If you have any specific dietary requirements please do let your agent know.


Is there Wi-Fi in the resort?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi in public areas and it is free of charge.

Practical matters

What should I bring with me generally?

Waterproof sun cream. Sunglasses. Beach Towel. Peak Summer clothing - very little - it is hot. Early & late summer - shorts & t-shirt fine during the day, something warmer at night and early May perhaps a few more warm clothes for the cooler periods of the day. Casual clothes are fine everywhere. Flip-flops or footwear for beach i.e. rubber shoes - which is pebble/stone so hard underfoot. It can occasionally rain in May & Sep and we would recommend a light waterproof jacket.

If you plan to explore the Island we recommend you bring your driving license as you may wish to hire a car.

Healthy Options clients: Mats, blocks, belts and bands for the Yoga and Pilates classes are all provided. Loose and comfortable clothes are recommended for all classes and exercise activities. For those participating in the fitness classes trainers are required and for those participating inland walks you will need good walking shoes/sandals, anti-mosquito repellent and a sun hat. For bike rides and power walks & runs trainers are required (not flip flops). Helmets for the mountain bikes are provided on site.

Sailing and Active Adventure Clients - Buoyancy aids and trapeze harnesses are provided for all water based activities, whether on Sailing, Active Adventures or Healthy Options holiday programmes. In peak season you probably won’t need a wetsuit, but we do suggest you bring a shortie (if you have one) in early and late season. We do rent wetsuits out if needed.

Sailing gloves and shoes are NOT provided, please bring your own (trainers are adequate as long as you don’t mind getting them wet) or we do sell gloves, sailing shoes and knee-pads on site.

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