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Is it safe to book my holiday yet?

Is it safe to book my holiday yet?

The simplest answer is that it has always been safe to book a holiday with us.

Last year all clients booked on holidays we were not able to provide as the borders were closed due to the pandemic, were refunded promptly - an enviable record that puts many others to shame.

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Can you imagine taking a working break on a Greek island this summer?

If you have had enough of Covid or of sitting around in an office and you’d like to take a minimum of a couple of months, (and ideally longer) working on a beautiful Greek beach this summer then please get in touch.

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The new Yoga tent is huge - so spacious!

We have a new, much larger Healthy Options Yoga/Pilates tent that is positioned in a far calmer setting with magnificent mountain views. So if you can picture yourself doing your practices with nature to hand, the island is calling you.

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See What’s Streaming! Live with Healthy Options this week.

No real change from last weeks analysis of the Covid situation. Greece, with its excellent response to the virus is still planning on opening up in July with sensible protections. With our existing overseas team Healthy Options is equipped to open as soon are given the go-ahead - and we are aiming for July 1st even if that is only for visitors already in situ in Greece!

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We are slowly but surely making our plans for the summer

We though it's time to give you an update on where we are, what we understand so far from the various governments, and where we expect we'll go from here. Luckily, there is some good news!

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Georgie Ferraro Guest Pilates teacher Vassiliki: 20th September to 4th October 2020

We are extremely lucky (and happy) to have the ever popular Georgie Ferraro back working with us for a limited time of two weeks this season. She will be offering Pilates classes of different levels every day and introductory Somatics classes throughout the week.

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Great instructors coming back for another Great season in Vassiliki

Over the past dozen years that we have been offering our Healthy Options programme we have been lucky enough to have attracted some really outstanding teachers across all the disciplines we offer: Yoga, Pilates and Fitness. Our instructors really love what they do and proof of this is the fact that so many of them come back to the team year after year. Here is a run through of just a few of our returning instructors and their special skills

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 Healthy Options was proclaimed Winner of the Best Activity/Sports Holiday Company for 2019. At the prestigious British Travel Awards Gala travel professionals were stunned and delighted that such a small nominated company had secured so many votes from the travelling public.

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If the NHS could prescribe holidays this is where they’d send people

We asked Liz Owen one of our Healthy Options regulars why she loves our holidays so much and she was happy to share with us her feedback and a few snaps from her recent holiday.

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We asked our clients to share with us what they loved about our holidays

There are lots of different active holidays available so what is it that sets our holidays apart from the rest?

We thought we would let our clients share with you the things they love about their Healthy Options holiday.

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Is it safe to book my holiday yet?

Is it safe to book my holiday yet? The simplest answer is that it has always been safe to book a holiday with us. Last year all clients booked on holidays we were not able to provide...

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Yoga, Pilates and fitness holidays in Greece

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